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Master Plan For Woodboro Lakes Wildlife Area Going To NRB

Wisconsin DNR

The  master plan for the Woodboro Lakes Wildlife Area includes an ATV trail,  along with other updates.

It's  a forested 3,000-acre property located about 10 miles west of Rhinelander. The DNR purchased the property in 1999 as part of the "Great Addition." In 2014, a local ATV club requested establishment of a trail across a portion of the land. This property did not have a master plan.

The DNR's Jeremy Holtz is property manager.....

"....the master plan was put out for public review and we got a number of comments back from the public and those comments have now been compiled. That information is going to the Natural Resources Board at their October meeting...."

Holtz says at this point there are no revisions to the plan that has been released. Holtz indicated the trail would be signed to indicate that it’s an ATV trail.  People could still walk or bike  on it, but other motorized vehicles would not be allowed.  

The existing snowmobile trail would remain in use.

The Natural Resources Board meets October 28 in Madison.

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