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County Deer Meetings Are Beginning Across Wisconsin


Counties in Wisconsin within the next two weeks will be having their annual Deer Advisory Council meetings to review deer herd information and develop preliminary recommendations on several topics.

DNR big game ecologist Kevin Wallenfang says it's an opportunity for the public to come in and be part of the 2016 deer season.

He says the antlerless permit levels are one of the key topics...

"....they will have discussions on whether permits are needed, what the deer population is doing, how it's responding to last season and another mild winter, those things are taken into consideration....."

Wallenfang says setting the antlerless permit levels in the north is different than in southern Wisconsin...

".....you don't have the extra permits like we have in the southern part of the state, or holiday hunt options or anything like that. Up in that neck of the woods it's as straight forward as it gets...."

Antlerless permit levels and other season options for the 2016 deer hunting season will be on the agendas.

Here's a link showing local contact numbers and meeting dates for Northwoods counties.

There's an online public comment period from April 4-17.

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