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Bill Would Put More Restrictions On State Deer Farms

Wisconsin DNR

Two Democrats have authored a bill to clamp down on deer farm protections to help prevent wider spread of Chronic Wasting Disease.

State Representatives Dana Wachs and Nick Milroy introduced the “Save Our Deer” Act. The proposal would help slow the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease from infected deer farms in Wisconsin.

Dana Wachs says the entire state deer herd is in jeopardy and the bill is designed to slow down the spread of CWD while scientist work on the disease...

"....to monitor the fences of deer farms and should CWD be present, we would require double-fencing along the farms or double fencing to make sure there isn't any physical contact between deer farm deer and the wild herd. There's a lot of evidence that deer within a deer farm have contact with deer outside of the farm by touching noses, eating the same grass, things of that nature....."

The billl also requires fencing for non-whitetail deer farms. It mandates that fences be inspected every two years. It requires all deer farms that have CWD to comply with new standards, including double-fencing or electric fencing.

Wachs is seeking help across the political aisle....

"..cautiously optimistic and hopeful that Republicans will join us on this. This is a bipartisan problem in this state that needs to be addressed as soon as possible..."

After the discovery of two CWD-positive deer on a deer farm in Three Lakes, the DNR added Oneida, Vilas and Forest counties to it's CWD list that involves restrictions on practices like baiting and feeding.

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