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An Inexpensive Way To Possibly Save Your Life


We've already had some severe weather and a state emergency management spokesperson says a low cost investment could save your life.

Last Wednesday was NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards Awareness Day in Wisconsin. The campaign encourages people to own a NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards. It provides a 24-hour source of weather forecasts, watches, warnings, and non-weather emergency information from the National Weather Service.

Tod Pritchard from Wisconsin Emergency Management says for an investment around $30, it could be a lifesaver...

"....it's one of the cheapest ways to protect you and your family, especially when we get into severe weather season with storms, tornados, potentially for this spring and summer. Emergency radios are really lifesavers. They are super easy to set up, and will potentially save your life..."

Pritchard says with the warmer weather outdoor season here, the radios are very handy...

"....we did a piece on our website a couple of years ago where a couples lives were saved and they saved many other people around them because they had a weather radio and they got shelter underneath a picnic table which is all they had at that point. Having that knowledge, especially if you're out fishing or camping, that's really important...."

More information is available at ready.wisconsin.wi. org

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