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Raccoon Kits Are Around, DNR Says Best Thing To Do Is Let Them Be

Jay Watson

They look cute but DNR officials say leave baby raccoons alone as they're probably ok. DNR officials report getting flooded with calls this time of year of abandoned baby raccoons, known as 'kits'.

Wildlife biologist Dianne Robinson is chair of the "Keep Wildlife Wild" campaign...

"....mother raccoons will leave their kits alone while they are searching for food. It's normal for kits to be frolicking or vocalizing near their den without mom. Well-meaning people may find raccoon kits in the day time and mistakenly think those kits are in trouble. Provided the kit looks healthy and are not sick or healthy, the best action is to leave the kits alone...."

Wildlife rehabber Cheryl Diehl gives some tips if you see the kits...

"....if they've seen it hit by a car, that is obvious what to do, that animal needs help. If its wandering around playing and there's litter mates and they're wandering around playing, not looking distressed, just watch for awhile. If they're crying a lot, if they look sickly, really weak then the best advice is to call a rehabilitator and talk about the details of the situation and then we can go from there...."

Robinson says the DNR website has a list of licensed rehabilitators in the state. For more information, search the DNR website, dnr.wi.gov, for "Keep Wildlife Wild". Robinson says if you require additional assistance, contact the DNR Call Center. We have a link here.

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