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NWS Lists Oneida Co. As Having Tornado Damage May 16

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National Weather Service link ishere.

The tornado that traveled through northern Wisconsin May 16 turned out to be the longest tracked tornado in Wisconsin since tornado records began in 1950. Part of the damage listed was in Oneida county.

The tornado's path was 83 miles long. The hardest hit areas were just north of Chetek where EF2 damage was found, and in the Conrath area where EF3 damage occurred.

EF0 to EF1 damage occurred along the remainder of the tornado's path including an EF zero tornado in the Pelican Lake area..

This is the first EF-3 tornado in the state since the Verona tornado in 2014. The EF scale is the Enhanced Fujita Scale of tornado damage where an EF0 is the weakest tornado and an EF5 is the strongest.

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