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Wisconsin River Reservoirs Are Full: Caution Urged

Wikimedia Commons http://flickr.com/photos/dcagne/49166811/

There's a lot of water going through the dams, and reservoirs along the Wisconsin River are full.

That's an update from Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company's Vice-President of Operations Peter Hansen in Wausau who says the system is full...

"...the reservoirs are, for the most part, very full. The dams are feeling the effects of passing lots of water. It's been a busy spring. April was our wettest April on record in our files, May was right up there and June is going to show to be one of the wettest June's on record. If you take those three months, we're going to see one of the wettest periods in our history...."

Hansen says there is a lot of monitoring needed when there is this much water.

Hansen says to be extra careful near the river dams....

".....we just encourage people to be careful. Wear your lifejackets. Let family know where at. If you're out and about fishing, follow signage, stay away from the dam, stay away from the downstream side of the dam. Flows are well above normal now and are a challenge for people along the river...."

Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company is privately owned and financed, it is the publicly chartered and regulated steward of the Wisconsin River. It was started to provide  a uniform a flow in the river for papermaking and power generation.

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