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DNR Asks Trappers To Help Place Wolf Monitors


A DNR wildlife biologist is asking trappers, who incidentally capture wolves, to contact department staff and participate in Wisconsin's wolf collaring and monitoring program.

The DNR's Nathan Libal says the capture will help the DNR....

"....for a number of years we've asked trappers to cooperate with this voluntary effort, so basically what we're trying to do is get additional radio collars out into the wolf population. This is pretty important for us. Having these radio collars allows us to track animal movements, delineate packs and ultimately give us an idea how many are out there...."

Libal says voluntary participation from trappers is important to monitoring the state's wolf population. He says they get about 10 radio collars placed each season.. In the event of an incidental wolf capture, Libal says DNR staff will work closely with the participating trappers to determine if the wolf is a good candidate for the monitoring program.

Interested trappers can contact DNR wolf program staff by calling Libal at 715-401-1764. He says if they don't hear back from a DNR staffer within a half-hour they should release the animal. After a survey last winter, the DNR estimates there are 925 wolves in Wisconsin.

More information is on the DNRwebsite.

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