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Hunters Reminded About Safety When Using Tree Stands

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

A DNR spokesperson says use safety equipment and take your time getting yourself set up in your deer hunting tree stand.

A 59 year old Racine man died in a tree stand related accident near Merrill recently.

DNR Conservation Warden Supervisor David Walz says one piece of equipment should be used everytime...

"....we always encourage hunters to always wear a body harness when up in a tree stand to keep them in the stand and prevent those falls. It's easy when you're up in that stand to start dozing off or lose your balance. Body harnesses are a life saver...."

He says when going up and down the stand, use three points of contact, keep two feet and a hand on the ladder as an example. He adds many hunters do a dangerous thing when climbing or descending...

"...if you have a bow, firearm or backpack, use a haul line to pull that up instead of trying to carry that along with yourself to get up the ladder. We think it's common sense, but  some people still do it they don't unload that firearm when they go up and down the ladder or if they use a haul line. You've got to unload that firearm..."

Walz says injury or worse can happen to any hunter, seasoned veteran or rookie. Walz says there's no rush to get set up safely. He says let someone know where you are and take along a fully charged cell phone. He says there's a special page on the DNR website devoted to tree stand safety and he encourages hunters to check it out. We have a linkhere.

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