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Growing Number Of Snowmobile Deaths Brings Advice From DNR

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One person died late Wednesday night near Milwaukee, and five others have been killed in the Northwoods, as the snowmobile season is fully underway.

The latest report finds a 29 year old Port Washington man died on the Milwaukee River near Fredonia. A crash Saturday evening in Price county killed two people and three crashes in Iron county have claimed lives.

The DNR's Off-Highway Vehicle Administrator Gary Eddy says snowmobilers should ride within their ability and experience level which means slowing down. He says many crashes happen on corners, where there is considerable ice.

He says each year the same crash factors rise to the top of the list...

"....speed, alcohol and night time operation. Regarding night time operation, slow down, don't over ride your headlights. Speeds below 55 are highly recommended. Lastly, just avoid mixing alcohol with snowmobiling...."

Eddy says also be extra careful on lake or river ice....

"....I get nervous when we have a season when the temperatures and conditions are inconsistent. Any time you have freezing temperatures fluctuating with a warm up then freezing again and another warm up, it creates possibly hazardous conditions on the ice. The best rule of thumb is 'no ice is safe ice'...."

Eddy says check with a local bait shop about the ice as the operators have been talking to others who have been out. If you were born on or after January 1, 1985, and are at least age 12, you must complete a snowmobile safety certification course. We have a link to more informationhere.

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