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Coordinator Says Wolfman Triathlon Affected By Proposed ATV Bridge

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The organizers of the Wolfman Triathlon in Langlade county are hoping there's more public input on a proposal to build an ATV bridge over the Wolf River that could affect their event.

The Triathlon is in it's 24th year and is a major event in eastern Langlade county. A White Lake ATV club wants to build a new bridge to use the Highway 64 bridge as a river crossing over the Upper Wolf River and connect to other ATV trails. They want to use the DNR station in Langlade as part of the ATV trail.

Karen McCabe is the Director of the Triathlon and says they have concerns about the impacts this development would have on them and others...

"...this is one of our major transition areas for the Triathlon. That, in itself, makes it a bit precarious for use because we don't know specifically how the bridge and ATV use is going to impact that area, but our Triathlon as well..."

McCabe says they have participants practicing throughout the season in the landing area and silent sports types use the area all year around. She says during the annual Triathlon they fill the DNR parking lot with more than 300 bicycles.

McCabe says there's still time to discuss the bridge with Langlade county, the ATV clubs and the DNR...

"....that there was a lack of information regarding the proposal and then sufficient time given to area residents and other user groups to weigh in on the project as well as any alternative routes to alleviate the ATV bridge at the Langlade DNR station. We had brought to the county board a proposed alternate route, but that wasn't considered...."

McCabe says there is another ATV bridge in the county highway 'A' area near Pearson

. Langlade County administrator Eric Rantala says they've submitted grant requests to the DNR to consider. He says the request is in the $400,000 range including the ATV bridge. He says they think they will hear back from the state sometime in August.

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