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Walker Announces New Rules To Slow CWD


The most recent detection of a CWD wild deer in Oneida county, and another deer near the Oneida-Lincoln county line weeks before, has prompted Governor Walker to hint at a more aggressive effort to combat a disease that some say is difficult to stop.

Stopping in Rhinelander on Monday, Governor Walker told reporters he and DNR Secretary Dan Meyer will be offering more ideas at the upcoming Wisconsin Conservation Congress meeting.... 

"....Sometime in the next week or so before the next Conservation Congress(DNR) Secretary (Dan) Meyer and I will be rolling out some details. We think there are more aggressive steps that need to be taken going forward just because of some of the recent findings across the state. We're going to be rolling out before the Conservation Congress next Friday much more aggressive moves when it comes to Chronic Wasting Disease...."

Wednesday, Walker proposed enhanced fencing at deer farms requiring either a second eight-foot-high fence, an electric fence, or an impermeable physical barrier. Controlling the movement of potentially infected deer through the creation of a new rule banning the movement of live deer from deer farms in CWD-affected counties. Tasking the DNR to create emergency and permanent rules banning the movement of deer carcasses from CWD-affected counties. Under the proposed rule, hunters can still quarter the deer within the county it was harvested and then take the meat anywhere in the state, but no portion of the spinal cord may be attached or moved. A hunter who harvests a deer in a CWD-affected county may only move a whole carcass outside of the county if the carcass is delivered to a licensed taxidermist or meat processor.

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