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The Birds Are Back And There's More Coming: Biologist

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Millions of migratory birds have flooded into Wisconsin in the last week and more are on their way, so bird lovers will want to grab their binoculars.

Ryan Brady, a conservation biologist with the DNR and bird monitoring coordinator for the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative, says migration is catching up thanks to warmer south winds..

"...we're seeing the first orioles and rose-breasted grosbeaks, a few hummingbirds and the warblers are coming back. Some are passing through others are already starting to sing on their nesting territories. The loons are happy that the lakes are opening up. We're seeing a lot of loons in the last few days. Even though it looked like we might be well behind for the month of May, we've actually caught up pretty well...."

Brady says to keep your bird feeders out and have the hummingbird and grape jelly feeders ready. He says provide orange halves and jelly for Baltimore orioles, sunflower seeds for rose-breasted grosbeaks and indigo buntings, and sugar water for hummingbirds. He says sparrows have also come back in force so sunflower seeds or millet are helpful. He says to be sure to keep feeders clean and be mindful of bear activity in your area.

He says this is the first wave of migratory birds and a second one will be arriving soon. He says Wisconsin continues to be a top birding location as it has some key migratory paths. Brady says people love birding because they can do it right in their backyards.

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