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Talk Wednesday About Climate Change Impact On Northwoods Fish


A lakes researcher says some impacts from a changing climate are already showing up in Northwoods fisheries.

As part of Nicolet College's "Our Changing World" presentation, UW-Madison Center For Limnology Director Jake Vander Zanden will talk Wednesday about how the weather is affecting fish populations....

"....specifically fish and fish populations in the Northwoods. Fish populations and fisheries of what are really an important part of what makes the Northwoods what they are. It's really important for us to get some understanding of how climate change is going to affect our systems...."

He says studies here in Wisconsin and elsewhere have shown some changes already happening...

"....Temperature is a very important factor in determining how fish behave. It affects their metabolic rate, it's really a critical factor in determining what fish do. Changing temperatures will have some immediate consequences for fish. One fish species that people are very concerned about is walleye. Walleye populations have been in decline. One question is what is the role of warming temperatures in the observed decline in the populations of walleye?..."

Vander Zanden says the changes that are likely occuring will continue to accelerate. He is the author of more than 125 peer-reviewed scientific publication and has been widely acknowledged for his research and teaching.

Vander Zanden will be at Nicolet College's Theatre Wednesday, May 23 at 6:30 p.m. The presentation is free and open to the public.

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