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Deer Hunters Asked To Send In Wildlife Observations

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 While you're in your tree stand waiting for the trophy buck to saunter by, the DNR hopes you take a minute to see other wildlife and let them know.

September hunting seasons usher in the tenth annual Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey, a survey in which hunters can easily record their observations of deer and other wildlife while in the field.

The DNR's Jessica Rees Lohr is a research scientist.

She says the Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey results help track abundance trends for Wisconsin's deer herd and other wildlife...

"...We have 15-16 different species that we specifically list., such as turkey, skunk or raccoon, elk, fisher. But if you should see something we don't have listed, there is a space at the bottom of the survey where you can write in any species that you see...."

She says the observations are a long-term data base so researchers can get an idea of the abundance and distribution of the state's wildlife. DNR staff ask archery and gun hunters to record all their hunting activity throughout the deer season, even if no wildlife sightings were made during a hunt. Hunters can enter observations by desktop, mail, or as launched last year, by smartphone.

For those now interested in submitting observations by smartphone, or who participated last year, a new version of the survey is available for download on the survey's webpage. For more information regarding this survey, visit dnr.wi.gov, and search keywords "deer hunter wildlife." At the end of the survey, participants can choose to receive a personalized summary of all recorded wildlife from that season. The survey period ends January 2019.

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