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Newbold Invasive Mapping Project Unveiled Thursday


It's not the kind of alien invasion with UFO's and light rays, but the Town of Newbold north of Rhinelander is having a different type of invasion.

The Newbold town board Thursday evening will hear a report compiled by the Terrestrial Invasive Species Committee about the growing number of invasive plants detected in the town.

Committee chair Ed Hammer says a friend noticed a plant on his property that wasn't native...

"...Probably five or six years ago a forester friend of mine was visiting my house and he noticed this plant, a pretty little plant...got a little purple flower. He said, 'do you know that's an invasive species?', and I said, 'no, I didn't'. That's something called spotted knapweed. It's really a nasty plant...."

That invasive plant has popped up here and elsewhere. He says Newbold has been working to locate aquatic invasives, but less was known about land invasives. He says they put together an inventory and management plan. He says a survey team has finished the inventory and with the help of county and regional groups have put together maps. He says the meeting Thursday will show what has been found.

He says fortunately, no really awful invasives have been found...

"...probably heard of garlic mustard, probably heard of buckthorn, those are typical invasives we're finding here....What we'll be able to do with the inventory is to identify to landowners what they have in their roadway in front of their house which can certainly lead to what they have on their property...."

Hammer says the public needs to help to address the problem. He says over the next few months the plan will prioritize goals and objectives including action plans. The meeting is Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the Newbold town hall. Hammer says any other questions can be directed to him(715-277-2555).

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