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Wisconsinites Do A Good Job Of Recycling But More Needs To Be Done


There's an observance Thursday that helps the environment and saves money too. America Recycles Day is designed to highlight recycling as an every day thing to do.

Angie Lemar of Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin says overall, Wisconsinites are doing a good job recycling and want to do an even better job, but there have a been a few sticking points...

"...The problem with that eagerness to do such a good job is that people are finding a point where they're confused or they just are what we like to call 'wish-cycling'...they're assuming those items are recyclable and not taking the time to be sure...."

Lemar says when recycling..rinse the containers..single use cups are not recyclable, which is also true of paper plates and styrofoam...flexible packaging such as sandwich bags are not accepted as recycling..plastic bottle caps are not accepted in recycling and always check with your local recycler to know what is acceptable. Lemar says recycling has many benefits like saving the life of landfills and creating jobs.

Recycling creates four jobs for every disposal job. T

Here's a link at pledge to recycle right to learn more information.

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