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Final Funding Push Underway For Conover-Phelps Trail

Great Headwaters Trails

Spurred on by a $15,000 challenge grant, the developers are hoping to raise the final dollars needed to complete the Conover to Phelps biking and hiking trail.

Great Headwaters Trails President Jeff Currie says there are two miles left to build, so it was appropriate to have a "finish up the trail' fund raiser. Currie says they need about another $30,000 to reach full funding of $400,000. The challenge grant will match funds raised dollar-for-dollar.

Two more miles need to be built to finish the trail. If they get the money, construction will commence in a few months...

"We are working with the Town of Phelps as they determine how they want that final stretch to be. I know that is what is going on with the design work and the final specifications for where the trail is going and how it's going to come into the town and right to the lakefront park..."

The trail started with a 3.2 mile section that opened in May 2016. Five and a half more miles were added in 2017. The trail is away from the highway for biking or hiking.

The final stretch will stay north of Highway "K" from its present ending spot at Song Hill Lane to where the trail will meet and cross county "E". The trail will parallel the road and end up in Phelps and the North Twin Lake area. Currie says donors will be noted at the trail heads...

"....a listing of everyone who helped get the trail built from the beginning. All the people who donated are on that listing and new contributors will be added. That listing will be posted at the Conover and Phelps ends of the trail so everyone can see who helped make this community trail happen...."

Currie says if they hit the fundraising goal by the end of the year, they can bid the project out to be done next summer. If you wish to find out more information, there's a web page at g h trails.org

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