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See A Deer? Log It And Help State Wildlife Managers

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Many people enjoy watching deer. Your observations can help state scientists with management of the herd.

Operation Deer Watch, an annual citizen-science survey that collects information on Wisconsin's white-tailed deer, gives residents an opportunity to assist with deer herd management efforts.

DNR research scientist Jess Rees Lohr says Operation Deer Watch is running now until August 30.

If you see a deer or two, you can enter your observations online..

"...They can go to the DNR's home page which is dnr.wi.gov and in the keyword search box they can enter 'deer watch'. That will take them to the Operation Deer Watch home page. From there they can print off a tally sheet. They can keep this tally sheet with them in the car or they can put it up on their refrigerator..."

The data collected provides insights into the reproductive status of Wisconsin's deer herd and help shape deer management for the state.

Participants are asked to record all bucks, does and fawns seen during the day until September 30. The form lists the date, gender of the deer you saw, perhaps a fawn and what county you saw the deer. Rees Lohr says they use the data to establish a fawn to doe ratio.

Data from the survey is also used by County Deer Advisory Councils to develop deer season framework, harvest quotas and permit level recommendations.

More information is on the DNR website.

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