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DATCP Reminds Hunters To Leave Firewood At Holme

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Lots of hunters will soon be heading out to hunt deer, but a state officials says leave the firewood at home and buy it close to where your hunting.

Firewood can carry pests and diseases in the form of gypsy moth egg masses, emerald ash borer larvae and the fungus that causes oak wilt. All those problems have been found in the Northwoods. It could even harbor pests and diseases we have not yet detected in Wisconsin says Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) spokesperson Rick Hummell.

Hummel says more than two-thirds of the state's counties already have a quarantine on them...

"...Right now in Wisconsin there are 50 counties that are quarantined for gypsy moth. Hardwood firewood cannot be carried legally from counties that are quarantined from gypsy moth to counties that are non-quarantined...."

Hummell says to the naked eye you often can't detect the invasives. He says the state prohibits bringing in firewood to state lands that has been purchased more than 10 miles away. Hummell says you can also buy certified firewood...

"...Getting back to our website, we also have a list of places you can pick up certified firewood..."

Hummell says the best thing to do is to buy firewood at your destination. He says use all of the firewood you buy and don't take any home unless it's certified by DATCP.

We have a link to the places to get certified firewoodhere.

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