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DNR Warden: There Is No Safe Ice- Conditions Deteriorating

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Monday, a large pickup truck went through the ice on Boom Lake at Rhinelander.

Warmer-than-normal temperatures and early heavy snow have made for tricky ice conditions says a DNR warden.

DNR Warden Supervisor in Woodruff, Chris Bartelt, says has some advice... 

"....Our unofficial motto at DNR is 'no ice is safe ice.' Weather conditions vary, water conditions vary. So many of our lakes up here are flowages so there's a current or spring involved. All of that factors into what the ice conditions are like..."

He says the best advice is go out with a friend...

"...The biggest thing we recommend is never go out on the ice alone. Always bring a friend. If you absolutely have to go out by yourself at least leave an itinerary or a plan with somebody who knows where you're going to be and when you're supposed to be back..."

Bartelt says you should take along an ice pick of some sort to pull yourself out of the water should you go through. He says there is gear available with floatation devices built in, or wear a summertime life jacket under your clothes. Should a vehicle go through the ice, officials say the retrieval of the vehicle is costly and might involve legalities.

The forecast is for snow and rain this weekend which could further erode ice conditions. The weather is expected to turn colder next week.

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