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Hemlock Island Latest Easement For Northwoods Land Trust

Northwoods Land Trust

A couple who cared deeply about a wild island on Wildcat Lake in Vilas county has established a conservation easement to permanently preserve the island.

Richard and Carol Phillips of Texas and Presque Isle donated the easement to the Northwoods Land Trust based in Eagle River. The property is named Hemlock Island and as trust Director Ted Anchor reports, the property is unique...

"Wildcat Lake has quite a few islands on it, most of which are protected by the Department of Natural Resources. However this one was not protected. The Phillips family had seen this island. They had another piece of property on the lake. This is part of their view shed, what they look at out on the lake..."

Anchor says the challenge in protecting the island was it had been passed by inheritance to twelve separate owners. The Phillips patiently worked through the process of contacting all twelve of the property owners. All agreed to sell their interest as they didn’t have a personal connection to the region and supported their plan to protect the island. NWLT permanently protects over 13,600 acres of land and 72 miles of natural lake and river shoreline, including properties owned and managed by NWLT that are open to the public for hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, hunting, fishing and trapping. Anchor says they have more announcements coming...

"Couple of things we're not talking about yet. The virus hasn't slowed us down, I actually believe it's increased our work a little bit. I think people have time to think about conservation and think about the conservation of their own private land. Our phones have been ringing and we're working on some good ones..."

More information is at northwoodslandtrust.orgor at the office on East Wall Street in Eagle River.

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