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Motorcyclists Vulnerable As More Deer Cross The Roads


This is one of two times of the year when deer are more active and crashes with vehicles increase. An official has some reminders to keep safe. Deer activity typically increases during June as females search for places to give birth and young deer separate from their mothers.

The DOT's Michael Schwendau says you can increase your chances in a crash by following some advice...

"Best thing you can do if you know you're in a high deer population area, slow down, be mindful of your driving, get rid of distractions, put the phone down for a minute and make sure all the occupants in the vehicle are buckled up..."

He says motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable and Schwendau recommends taking all recommended safety precautions when heading out. He says in a car or truck don't swerve to avoid a collision...

"If you swerve to avoid the deer, often you will leave the roadway and end up crashing into a tree or guardrail and sometimes unfortunately into oncoming traffic. It's really important to maintain that control..."

Motorcyclists should slow down, brake firmly and swerve if necessary to avoid hitting the deer. Try to stay within your lane to avoid hitting other objects If you hit the deer get your vehicle safely off the road if possible and call law enforcement. It’s generally safest to stay buckled-up inside your vehicle.

Last year in Wisconsin, there were 18,000 reported deer-vehicle crashes, resulting in injuries to 555 motorists and nine fatalities. Of the nine fatalities, six were motorcyclists.

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