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NRB Postpones Action On PFAS Emergency Order


The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board Wednesday delayed action on an emergency rule mostly ending the use of fire fighting foam with contaminants such as PFAS.

The legislature wants the DNR to have rules in place by September 1 to control what are called "forever chemicals" that don't break down in the environment. A component of the foam contains PFAS. The rule sets up regulations regarding the foam.

DNR administrator Darsi Foss says regardless of the emergency rule outcome, restrictions begin soon...

"On Sept. 1, the use of PFAS foam is prohibited for training. Airports, the military, local fire departments can no longer go out and train with PFAS foam. They can use substitutes, they can use water, but they can no longer us PFAS foam..."

Board vice-chair Gregory Kazmierski felt there was an issue in the order with setting up discharge standards...

"I think it's inappropriate to set standards in an emergency rule...it's like the department setting standards without going through the proper process of rulemaking and public input, that type of thing..."

Kazmierski says the PFAS standards proposed were not in the original rule before the public.

Board Chair Dr. Frederick Prehnfelt that matter could be delayed one month until more analysis is done and feedback received.

DNR Secretary Preston Cole said the department is willing to meet any time with interested individuals or businesses to discuss the standards.

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