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Department of Tourism Says Americans are Workaholics; Waste Millions of Vacation Days Each Year


  Americans are throwing away millions of vacation days each year because they won’t take time off from work. That’s according to State Department of Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett. She says Americans threw away 469 million vacation days last year alone.  She says because skipping out on vacation can cause burnout, the Department of Tourism is partnering with the United States Travel Association to launch a new campaign called “Project Time Off.” Klett says vacation days are supposed to be used to improve a person’s well-being…

 “…we know that people who take their vacation are happier, are healthier, more balanced, they make lifetime memories with family and friends. They’re more creative; you never hear someone say “man, I was just in my cubicle and had the greatest idea.” But you send them on vacation and the ideas just fly…”

Klett says taking a vacation is also an educational experience and will improve work productivity.

She says Americans are working between 50 and 60 hours a week. 

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