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Lumberjack Steam Train Turns 100 Years Old

Anna Catlin

  The Camp 5 Museum in Laona Wisconsin celebrated the 100th birthday of their Vulcan steam engine this past week. The engine was bought in 1926 to be used for logging in Laona, but is now used to haul visitors to and from the Camp 5 Museum complex. President of the Camp 5 Museum Foundation, Cate Dellin says there’s a lot of hard work involved in keeping the steam engine running.


“Well.. it takes a lot of love and care and a lot of really good people who have maintained it over the years. And the foundation has put in a lot of time and effort and money to keep it in pristine condition. And this year I think it's in the best condition it's ever been in.”


Dellin says they still have the original drawings from 1916 with the steam engine’s specifications in case they ever need a new part made.

She says they see a lot of returning visitors who came with their grandparents or parents and are now bringing their children to experience the history of the Vulcan steam engine.

Dellin says there’s something for everyone whether you’re a history buff or have an interest in trains. The museum is very family friendly and affordable. All attractions are included in the price of admission.


For more information go to lumberjacksteamtrain.com



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