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New Wausau Mayor Sworn Into Office

WAOW Television

New Wausau Mayor Katie Rosenberg took the oath of office Tuesday.

A small ceremony was held for safety reasons, to officially mark the start of Mayor Rosenberg's term. She admits that she knows not everyone voted for her, but she's ready to take on the responsibility.

"The politics is over and now it’s time to get to work for the city of Wausau," Mayor Rosenberg said. "You don’t get to decide who you serve. It’s everyone who lives here, who pays taxes here, who owns a business here.”

Jim Rosenberg, Katie's father, said he lived in Wausau for almost 60 years, so he's excited to see his daughter get started in a position to lead the city.

"She has exciting plans that have to do with economic development and public services, and trying to do things in a way that anticipate and proves her resilience,” Jim Rosenberg said.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Katie said she's already been hard at work.

"Right now we're in a pandemic, so it's been getting right to work and making sure that all of the employees that work for the city are safe, have access to the materials they need, the PPE, all of that," Katie stated. "I started right off the bat this morning with a call about COVID-19.”

As far as long-term plans, she hopes to have a strategic approach to policy making in Wausau.

"There’s some facilities here that we need to look at and there’s an economic development program that we need to shore up that I’m really looking forward to,"Katie added. "I want to make sure from a policy standpoint we’re really looking at all of the details we need, and also that the residents understand one thing that really matters to me is communication.”

She hopes residents can ultimately feel represented by her as she begins her four-year term.

"It’s a big task but I think we’ve got great people, we’ve got a great council, and we’ve got a great future,” she stated.

She hopes to implement office hours in the future to meet with residents in person to ensure communication and transparency.