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Realtors Remain Busy During Pandemic

WAOW Television

The coronavirus pandemic and real estate, keeping realtors busier than before.

"I am swamped right now, so if someone's interested after looking through the pictures they're needing to get into it that day," said Brittany Burns, Realtor for First Weber.

Agents trying to keep up with the high demand, even clients taking extra precautions.

Brittany says, "homes are being listed and sold every single day, we're seeing homes getting listed and sold within a week or under depending on the price range."

But it's not just those she says even higher-end homes which usually take a little bit longer to sell, are selling very quickly.

The virus bringing out a silver lining, "I think the fact that so many home projects were done during quarantine has helped motivate people too because they're like well our house looks perfect now lets get it listed," said Brittany.

Low-interest rates may be a good reason to buy, still, there are some things buyers need to know upfront.

"You have to be mentally prepared for it to not be an easy transition you have to be a fighter and usually willing to pay over asking price, one of them was 24,000 over asking price and we were beat out like it's that crazy right now," said Brittany.

As far as the rest of the year goes, Brittany and her team at First Weber are expecting to sell more houses this year compared to last.

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