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Wausau Teen Educates Others On Child Labor Issues

WAOW Television

While school was not in session the past few months, Samara Rezwan a Wausau East High School student made sure to use her time wisely, and present an issue that is not talked about much to global leaders.

When the 14-year-old is not watching Netflix or studying for the ACT, she is figuring out how she can make a difference in the world.

"I thought I should do something with the privilege I have, and resources," said Samara.

Samara was the only student out of all of Wisconsin chosen to present at the Global Health Leaders Conference for John Hopkins University.

Her topic: child labor.

"I don't think it is talked about it enough. We need to talk about it, and see ways we can help fundraisers are always a good idea," Samara said.

Every year her parents would bring Samara to their native country of Bangladesh to volunteer at medical camps and get a realistic picture of what some are forced to live in.

"With my kids being born in the U.S., their every day normal was going to school and come back home, being at home, eating well, I felt it was important for them to see the other picture," said Samara's mom Lopa Kabir.

Though Samara was born in the United States, she saw first hand that teens her age do not have the same privilege as her.

"Some were younger than me working on the side of the road in 90 degree weather, some were breaking bricks, or some were begging for money," said Samara.

Samara said the issue is not just around the globe, she knows some of her peers who are forced to prioritize work rather than focusing on an education.

She said we can all help combat the issue of child labor if we just keep our eyes and ears open and use our privilege to help those in need.

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