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Wood For Building Projects Getting Harder To Find

WAOW Television

A spike in lumber prices and a shortage in materials has made lumber companies across the country work even harder because if builders can't get lumber they can't start building.

When the pandemic hit lumber mills slowed production on materials, but as time went on. The demand for raw wood is very high.

Tim Witzeling, Owner of Modern Builders and Suppliers, Inc. says "the yard crew and myself helping to get the trucks out, we're running steady 60-65 hours a week to keep up and we can't."

Jeff Borst General Manager for Wausau Builders FirstSource agrees, saying, "we're receiving orders that were produced the day before which is pretty much unheard of, in other words, it's coming out of the factory in the case of plywood or OSB it's being put on a truck and sent to us it's not even hitting the ground."

The usual busy summer season mixed with more people staying home has caused the perfect storm but how long will this trend go on, Borst says he doesn't see prices leveling off anytime soon but says there's always a tipping point.

So if you're at home with some more DIY projects to complete experts say it's not a bad idea to hold off if you can.

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