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Peaceful Protest March For Change In Wausau

WAOW Television

A peaceful protest was held Saturday afternoon, bringing dozens to downtown Wausau.

Protestors; letting their voices be heard while marching for change.

In some ways, the shooting that happened in Kenosha has a sense of familiarity, going back a few months to when George Floyd was killed. That incident, sparking over 2,000 protests held across the country.

But for local resident and Vietnam veteran Andrew Holloway, this is nothing new. He says, "I've been watching people die, black people, die since back in 54'."

These protests happening across the country in cities big and small, including Wausau.

Joseph Freeman Jr. another resident participating in the protest says, "for a lot of people this just goes over their head but for some of us we live this every day, I live it every day because of the color of my skin."

Organizers calling the event, 'Silence No More' a protest that stayed peaceful. Bringing out people like Holloway and Freeman to share their story.

"I'm from Augusta Georgia and racism there when I grew up was the norm, we just brushed it off our shoulders, in the second grade my teacher she called me the n-word," said Freeman.

For years they and others waited for a movement like this. Now Freeman, taking his experience and not only sharing it with the world but also his daughters.

Sisters Nakesha and Amya, saying they also hope for change.

"It feels pretty sad but I'm also happy that we can make change, we can get through this, and make history," said Nakesha.

These two girls, at just 11 and 9-years-old. They're staying optimistic, hoping change is around the corner.

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