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Vilas County Considers Prescribed Burn to Help Manage Forest

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Concern over chemical applications to prepare forest areas for management has prompted Vilas County forest administrator Al Murray to plan a prescribed burn off Pioneer Creek road in an area where jack pine was harvested preparing the area for jack pine planting.

Addressing the county Forestry, Recreation, and Land Committee this week, Murray indicated the herbicide treatment and anchor chain work to prepare the site but did not result in adequate regeneration of cone drop with the site being taken over by grass.

“Our option is to again use herbicide but this site has good access for fire equipment with secondary roads for fire protection,” Murray said. “It is also a good site for pubic education in the use of prescribed fire.”  No one could remember if any area of the county forest had a prescribed burn in the last 50 years or longer.

Murray asked the committee to approve developing a burn plan in cooperation with DNR. Developing this plan doesn’t mean the burn will actually take place since conditions need to be favorable to have the burn without it escaping.

The size of the area is about 22 acres with 16 acres to be burned. The committee approved developing the burn plan with any proposed burn likely in spring.