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Chilly Weather Sets Records

WAOW Television

Temperatures this low, this early is something Wisconsinites haven't' seen in nearly a century.

Many places reported a record low high temerature for the day on Tuesday.

Residents in Wausau say they're not thrilled with the temps.

The earliest it has ever been this cold goes all the way back to 1895 when weather records first began in Wausau. In Wausau, the coldest it has ever been on September 8th was 55 degrees a record set in 1911. Six years later another cold record set in 1917.

Some areas even seeing frost this Tuesday morning, which isn't unusual but it's definitely early.

"Anytime we get a monthly record, or daily record, or record precipitation, record temperature that's always very interesting for a Meteorologist; but when you're talking about it is the earliest that it's ever been this cold in September in Wausau, but also much of North-Central Wisconsin that's remarkable," said Justin Loew Stormtrack 9 Chief Meteorologist.

He also says even though it's cold right now it's too soon to tell how cold this winter will be, especially as a little bit of a warm-up is on its way.