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Costs of Campaigns Can Fall on Local Communities

WAOW Television

President Trump visited the Central Wisconsin Airport in Mosinee on Sept. 17. Not surprisingly, a presidential visit means an increase in security needs.

Several area law enforcement agencies worked with Secret Service for the event, including the Marathon County Sheriff's Department.

"It's quite an honor to have the president or the vice president or, for that matter, any candidate visit our area," said Marathon Co. Sheriff Scott Parks.

The Sheriff's Department had 41 members working the event. That includes on the ground staff, traffic control, SWAT as well as others out in the community.

In total those 41 people worked 237 regular on duty hours and 241 overtime hours. Sheriff Parks said those hours add up to $21,116.

When asked who pays for those hours, Sheriff Parks said, "there is sometimes where there's reimbursement made, but for the most part communities tend to assume these costs... it doesn't make sense to me that we bill another agency or campaign."

If a campaign isn't billed or doesn't pay, that cost is paid for with tax money.

Mosinee Police Department was one of the other agencies assisting with the President's visit. The chief told News 9 that four officers were involved with the September visit, and the department had a total cost of $1,451. However, News 9 was not able to confirm, as of this writing, who picks up that bill.

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