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Dairy and Environmental Groups Hope to Improve Water Quality

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Dairy and environmental groups are teaming up in an effort to support farmers and improve water quality.

The partnership includes the Dairy Business Association, Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association, and more. The goal is to propose an investment, that would ensure clean drinking water statewide. By lobbying, dairy and environmental officials are asking the state for significant funding to support their efforts.

Heather Schlesser Dairy Agent, UW-Extension Marathon County said, we know that you know other organizations want good water you know the clean water act and all that type stuff so there are all these agencies that want clean water so having them all on the same table and talking about it together will actually develop a plan that is feasible, functional, and something that’s implementable."

This proposal would touch on improving water quality with well testing and replacement, changes to the state's animal feeding programs, and improve efforts to address farm runoff.

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