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Merrill May Consider Vote on Fluoride in Water


Voters in Merrill may have a say in whether fluoride will be removed from the city's water supply.

City Administrator David Johnson says some residents feel it's not fair that city residents get the dental benefits from it, while those who rely on well water don't.

“The argument from some is because people outside the city don’t have it and with the toothpaste and other fluoride products now there really isn’t a need for it within the city.”

Johnson says it's up to the city council if the issue will go for a vote.

“This is something that still has to be discussed and a determination made as to whether or not the council wants to move forward with a referendum”

Johnson says the cost to add fluoride to the water is a few thousand dollars. The question could go to the voters as soon as the April non-partisan election, if approved by alders. 

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