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Antigo Public Library Receives $3,000 Grant from American Library Association

Antigo Public Library

More than 300 libraries across the country applied for the Libraries Transforming Communities grant from the American Library Association.

The Antigo Public Library was one of 11 in the state to receive money.

“First of all, this is so cool and second of all I got more work to do,” said Library Director Dominic Frandrup.

Frandrup says the grant money will go toward two things.

One is a Meeting Room Owl that makes it easier for people participate in group settings virtually.

“Those that can’t meet within the library can still feel like they’re part of the meeting because it shows a 360-degree view of the meeting area and focuses on who’s speaking and it’s just a plug and play. So somebody brings in their laptop or their Macbook or whatever, it’s super easy to use with zoom or blue jeans or whatever people are using,” said Frandrup.

The other is new BiFolkal kits. Each kit contains things like DVDs, booklets, and pictures.

They usually focus on historical events or periods and are meant to start discussions. Frandrup hopes everyone will take advantage of the new tools, but he’s especially excited for them to be used by care facilities in the area.

“That was the other portion of this grant was reaching our senior community and the caregivers for the people that provide those services. Just to have discussions and keep that sense of social connectiveness going,” said Frandrup.

You can learn more about the resources offered by the Antigo Public Library on its website.  

Katie Thoresen is WXPR's News Director/Vice President.
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