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Wisconsin DNR Holds Meeting to Discuss Wolf Hunt Season


Originally, when gray wolves were taken off the endangered species list, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources announced a hunt would take place in November, but several state legislators say they want it now.

In a three page letter to the Wisconsin Department Board, law makers said: "Since the wolf delisting happened during this season time line we believe a hunting season should happen immediately," the letter said.

However the chairman of the DNR board said they want to be thorough before rushing to start a hunt. For this reason, they are holding an emergency meeting on Friday, January 22nd to discuss how to move forward.

"Hopefully we can find a balance in the middle to make a decision after testimony on Friday that is the best interest of recourse in Wisconsin, which is truly our goal is to not please one side or the other it is to manage the pack," said Dr. Frederick Prehn, the DNR board chair.

It has been over 60 days since wolves were announced to be removed from the endangered species list, which is why hunters in our area are not sure why a hunt needs to be delayed any longer.

"The DNR keeps dragging their feet on this, we knew a year ago from the Secretary of Interior that wolves would be delisted in 2020," said Mike Brust the president of Wisconsin Bow Hunters Association.

Brust will be one of the many people who will be testifying in the meeting on Friday.

He said his main concern is managing the wolf population.

"They have become a real problem for people, people are losing farms and afraid to let their kids in the backyard it has become a real difficult situation that could be solved quite easily," Brust said.

At last count, there were 1,034 wolves in Wisconsin.

However, some did not feel that was enough.

Wild life advocates have filed lawsuits in California asking the courts to restore protections.

"I look at it like chairman to set an agenda to discuss an open session what the next steps should be forward and the board will act how they will act on Friday," Prehn said.

During the last wolf hunt in 2015, 154 wolves were harvested.

The meeting is already booked with three hours of public input Friday morning.

If you want to listen in on the meeting, clickhere.

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