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Senator Baldwin Touts American Jobs Plan


President Joe Biden is pushing for a two trillion dollars spending package focused on infrastructure, economy, climate, and jobs.

The American Jobs Plan is designed to promote longer-term economic recovery.

The American Jobs Plan is at its heart an infrastructure bill, with infrastructure being defined in a broad way, according to Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin).

“[The plan is] to make sure that we are the leading global economy moving forward,” said Baldwin.

It would tackle issues like bridge and road repairs, housing, and water pipe and service line improvements.

It would also transition the US to greener energy sources, invest in infrastructure research, and designate $100 billion to broadband with the goal of giving all Americans access to affordable and reliable high-speed internet.

Baldwin said that’s key for Wisconsin where roughly 14-percent of residents live in an area without broadband access and 70-percent have limited options.

“With regards to broadband its really about getting the job done because our investment hasn’t been completed when we have so many people who do not have access to high-speed internet services,” said Baldwin.

The American Jobs Plan calls for $111 billion to be invested into the country’s water infrastructure.

It would replace all lead pipe and service lines and upgrade the country’s drink water, wastewater, and stormwater systems to tackle new contaminants, like PFAS.

Baldwin said PFAS was being addressed in a number of different ways at the federal level that would help set standards on what, if any, amount of PFAS is safe.

“Certainly, with regard to removal and remediation, the effort will be to include some provisions in this infrastructure bill to help with that,” said Baldwin.

President Biden plans to pay for the $2 trillion American Jobs Plan mostly by raising corporate taxes.

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