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Eagle River Golf Course Back Open After Storm Damage

Katie Thoresen/WXPR

The Eagle River municipal golf course sustained major tree loss in the past storm but managed to be closed only one week according to course superintendent Kyle Anderson.

“We had 48 trees down and had to take an additional dozen down that were leaning badly,” Anderson told the city council, “There was no damage to buildings, cars, or carts and only one minor personal injury operating a chain saw.”

While Anderson felt the course might be closed for a month, Argonne Tree Service, along with members of the Senior League, and others, did an admirable job getting the course operational. Final cleanup will take place after course closure this fall.

“The course is open and safe; it was an all hands on deck situation,” Anderson said. Council member Jerry Burkett indicated “you all did a fabulous job and the people are thankful; we’re so fortunate for the people we have.”

City administrator Robin Ginner expected to file claims for city cleanup through Vilas County emergency management which might get reimbursed up to 70%.

Anderson presented the council with a proposal for replacing the irrigation pumping system with a new pump having a floating suction line going into Yellow Birch Lake about 20 feet from shore. It is expected to raise the pumping rate to 1,000 gallons per minute which would irrigate the entire course in about four hours.

The pump price was $101,750 along with a labor cost of $10,250. It would take up to 10 weeks, or longer, after a signed contract is approved. The council authorized Mayor Hyslop to obtain a loan or authorize an internal expenditure to have the system in place prior to freeze up.

The council was assured the present irrigation system could handle the volume.

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