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Monday snowfall gives “optimistic” outlook to early season trail conditions at WinMan Trails

Groomer out on the trails at WinMan on Tuesday.
Issac Cowart
WinMan Trails
Groomer out on the trails at WinMan on Tuesday.

What was originally forecasted as up to 3 inches of snow for our region Monday, turned out to be closer to 6 in some areas.

Issac Cowart is the Director of Operations at WinMan Trails in Vilas County. He says the extra snow was a welcomed surprise.

“We caught a little bit off guard, on our heels a little bit, with all this wonderful snow,” said Cowart.

Freshly groomed trails at WinMan Trails.
Issac Cowart/WinMan Trails
Freshly groomed trails at WinMan Trails.

Groomers were out on the trails early Tuesday. Crews are still mapping and flagging trails throughout the system.

Between the snow earlier this week and forecast looking forward, Cowart says the base on the trails should be building up nicely.

“We’re super optimistic about the early season conditions that we’ll have coming this weekend and then certainly starting in the next week,” he said.

Right now, the snowshoe and fat tiring biking trails are open.

WinMan is still working on the ski trails. Cowart says they may be open in time for this weekend, but they likely won’t be tracked.

All users should be prepared for early season conditions.

“As we wait for the snow to accumulate, you just got to be patient with what’s given to you. Realize that we’re like any other trail system, we only have material to work with that falls from the sky,” said Cowart. “We don’t do any snowmaking operations at our facility. If you come with the right expectations, you can have an amazing time.”

WinMan updates trails conditions on its website and social media.

Katie Thoresen is WXPR's News Director/Vice President.