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Your Northwoods Weather Questions Answered by WJFW's Geoff Weller


Listeners have been sending WXPR questions to ask of area experts so we can report back to you. It's part of our Curious North project.

Several questions came in regarding weather, so we asked WJFW TV Chief  Meteorologist Geoff Weller to answer them. First question: when are the meteorological seasons?

The seasons run in Spring... March 20 - June 21st, Summer... June 21st - September 23rd Fall... September 23rd - December 21st and Winter... December 21st - March 20th. But Woeller says these are the days based on the sun...

"..It's really the result of the sun's most direct rays going north or south of the Equator. We can easily measure that which gives us the start of seasons..."

Next question: What are the dates when the snow left the last few years? 

"...Last year, we had that big snow back in April, we all remember that, right? The snow did not leave the groujnd until April 24. The year before, it all melted before March 5. In 2016, it was gone by March 9. Last year was an anomaly, this year we'll see what happens. This year we had a really large snowpack, 37 inches at it's peak last month.."

And, curiously enough, where does the white go when the snow melts?

"..Humans see white as a reflection off the snow and our eyes interpret that as the color white, the reflection off the spectrum. I'm not sure. 'where does the white go?' When the snow is gone it turns to water and humans see water as a different color than we see snow...."

And when are the average below and above freezing says over the winter?

"...We dip below freezing on Nov. 26, that's for Rhinelander, then don't rise above 32 until March 3. Our coldest high temperature in Rhinelander is 21 degrees on January 26. It peaks again in August at 79 degrees...."

Thanks to WJFW TV meteorologist Geoff Weller for answering listener questions.

You can submit your own Curious North questions below.


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