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Vilas County committee chair visits Cranberry Island


The Cranberry Island pier will stay.

It’s one of several actions made by the Vilas County Forestry, Recreation & Land Committee last week after a visit to the island was made by Holly Tomlanovich, chair of the committee, and others.

Tomlanovich indicated the sandy nature of the island is prone to soil erosion.

“We will evaluate what might be planted to reduce erosion after consulting with the land and water conservation department,” Tomlanovich said. “Both wild blueberries and wild cranberry plants may be introduced.”

Tomlanovich said the fire rings and grills will be removed since most people bring their of grills and that should reduce hacking existing trees to burn. A new one-hole pit toilet will also be constructed which will require a soil test and be at least 75 feet from water.

The March 2022 minutes indicate a motion was made and adopted to “remove the dilapidated pier as soon as weather permits.”

The examination of the pier revealed the pier was in good shape. The committee adopted a motion to rescind removal of the pier.

When asked, Tomlanovich refused to identify the county forestry employee who claimed the pier was “dilapidated.”

Other actions

It is anticipated there will be 11 timber sales timber sales on 673 acres that have a minimum bid value of $415,632. The largest sales will involve aspen at 4,847 cords out of a total of 14,611 cords.

A proposed land trade on Fire Lane Road and Old Hwy 45 with a 9.3 private parcel exchanged for a 2.5 acre county parcel. Forest administrator Chad Keranen indicated the private landowner is looking at building a home and wanted less cost to have a power line.

The county also had an offer from a private landowner to sell 120 acres to the county. After discussion in closed session, the county will acquire an appraisal. The property is within the county forest boundary and is adjacent to county ownership. Conover resident Tom Timken asked the

county not to purchase the 120 acres since more land in Conover would be off the tax rolls.

Rustic Road 60 will have the forestry office examine the roadside timber and in cooperation with the highway department prepare a written plan for thinning trees along with a three-foot paved shoulder.

A new lease for the county fairgrounds was approved and will be presented for adoption by the full county board.

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