Applications For COVID-19 Relief Small Business Grants Available June 15

Jun 8, 2020

The Oneida County Economic Development Corporation hopes small businesses will take advantage of a special COVID-19 grant relief program that opens soon.

The state of Wisconsin is giving out 30,000 individual COVID-19 grants to small businesses across the state. Each grant is for $2,500.

Oneida County Economic Development Corporation Interim Director Jeff Verdoorn said these small businesses make up the backbone of the county’s economy. About 85 percent of county businesses have fewer than 20 employees.

“The ones we’re talking about are things like hairdressers, childcare providers, small taverns, small restaurants,” Verdoorn said.

The shutdown forced by the virus has put many of them on the edge.

“These businesses operate on very, very thin margins and don’t have a lot of reserves,” Verdoorn said. “All of a sudden, they’re forced to close their doors. It’s been over two months now.”

Verdoorn encourages these businesses to apply for the state grants.

The application window opens on Monday, June 15, and lasts only a week.

“It’s truly a grant. It’s not a loan. There are no strings attached. It really can go to any operating expense for that business,” Verdoorn said. “It’s really meant to support them, give them a little bit of cushion.”

Grants will be awarded on a points system based on economic stress.

Visit the Oneida County Economic Development Corporation’s website for information and assistance.