Burke Questions Gov. Walker's Job Numbers

Apr 2, 2014

Mary Burke(D-Wisconsin)
Credit maryburke2014.com

The likely Democratic gubernatorial candidate thinks voters should look at what she says are the real numbers regarding job growth in Wisconsin and not the numbers being used by the current job holder.

In an interview with WXPR, Burke touched on her jobs initiative.."Invest For Success" which she says is based on creating jobs in all parts of the state..

"....what we have seen...unfortunately...in the last few years is northern Wisconsin is not sharing in the growth it should be and as a state, Wisconsin is lagging. We're ninth out of ten Midwestern states in terms of job growth..."

She disputes the job growth numbers Governor Scott Walker is using to promote his "Blueprint For Prosperity"...

"....our per-capita wages are $4,000 below that of the nation as a whole, and the situation with jobs in not improving. That's confirmed too when I travel around the state and I talk to people. They're not feeling it in their lives..."

Burke says the lack of opportunity for young people is crushing Wisconsin's future economy. Burke says the state's economy needs a more educated workforce...

"....Wisconsin needs 670,000 more degree holders by 2025 in order to compete for the jobs of tomorrow. That means we re-define our high school experience. High school needs to be the start on a career path so that when students graduate high school they are ready for a(good paying) career..."

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke.