Carlin Club Again Unsuccessful In Water-Pumping Appeal

Mar 27, 2020

The road near Carlin Lake leading to the Carlin Club and private water well, as seen on Friday, Mar. 27.
Credit Carmen Farwell

Water-pumping plans of Trig Solberg and the Carlin Club have been rejected yet again.

Solberg, the owner of Trig’s supermarkets, wants to pump water for bottling from near a remote lake in Presque Isle.

But in a hearing on Friday, Vilas County Circuit Court Judge Neal Nielsen let stand a Vilas County Board of Adjustment decision which rejected the plan.

“The Court, for the reasons stated, is going to deny the petition for certiorari and determine the Board of Adjustment’s decision should stand,” said Nielsen, who was conducting the hearing by phone to avoid COVID-19 concerns.

Nielsen found the Vilas County Board of Adjustment acted appropriately in denying the water-pumping plans set forth by Solberg’s group.  The Board of Adjustment ruled the local zoning classification didn’t allow for the water-pumping plans.

The company wants to send three tanker trucks daily down a narrow road to collect water from a private well at the Carlin Club, a restaurant, bar, and lodge in Presque Isle.  Each truck would carry 6,000 gallons of water to Marenisco, Mich. for bottling and commercial sale.

The Carlin Lake Association and people living on the lake have fought vigorously to block the pumping, saying it’s inappropriate in their residential area.

The plans have now been rejected by multiple circuit court judges, a state appeals court, the Vilas County Zoning Administrator, and twice by the Vilas County Board of Adjustment.