Mineral Company Asking To Test Drill In Eastern Oneida Co. Near Stockley Creek, Wolf River

Feb 11, 2020

Map of proposed drill sites in Oneida county

 Documents obtained by WXPR indicates interest in mineral drilling in Oneida county by a Menominee, Michigan based exploration company not far from Stockley Creek and the Wolf River.

In a letter to Tom Quigley, vice-president of Badger Minerals, LLC, the document reveals the Department of Natural Resources received the Badger Minerals intent to drill in late January.

Badger Minerals is a subsidiary of Can-America Minerals, Inc. of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

The exploration license was issued February 11, according to the DNR. 

The notice says the company intends to drill 10 holes totalling 4,000 square feet in February and March near the Wolf River and Stockley Creek, Town of Schoepke,  Oneida county. The planned drilling sites are on private parcels owned by Badger Minerals and Heartwood Forestland Group. Accorfding to a DNR spokesperson, the Heartwood properties are currently enrolled in the Managed Forest Law program (MFL).

The DNR is determining what additional permits will be necessary contingent on the environmental conditions of the proposed drilling sites.

The drilling sites are listed as being close to the eastern Oneida county line, about 5 miles from the Mole Lake Sokaogon Chippewa community in Forest county.

No other information was available at deadline time.