Police Find $90,000 Worth of Drugs in Crandon Hotel Room

Apr 1, 2021

K9 Thunder with the items seized.
Credit Forest County Sheriff's Office

Police seized drugs with a street value of $90,000 and arrested a Milwaukee man in a Crandon hotel on Thursday afternoon.

Lagene McGhee, 48.
Credit Forest County Sheriff's Office

Lagene McGhee, 48, was found with about two pounds of crack and powder cocaine, some marijuana products, a digital scale, more than $4,500 in cash, and a loaded gun.

Crandon Police were dispatched to the hotel after someone reported a strong smell of marijuana. Police officers, Forest County sheriff’s deputies, and FBI agents later entered McGhee’s hotel room on a search warrant, where they found the drugs, cash, and gun.

McGhee is in the Forest County Jail and will be prosecuted in federal court.