School District of Crandon Switches to Remote Learning Due to COVID-19 Cases

Oct 2, 2020

The School District of Crandon is switching to remote or virtual learning for the next two weeks.

There's been two linked cases of COVID-19 with in the school district. Per Wisconsin Department of Health Services, a public health investigation is under way. 

Credit School District of Crandon Facebook

The district said there's also been additional cases at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. 

The School District of Crandon had canceled classes Friday to give contact tracers more time to do their work.

This combined with increased reports of illness amongst the student population has prompted the district to switch to remote/virtual learning for the next two weeks. All extracurriculars are postponed until further notice.

The district said it has a plan in place and is ready to make the transition.

If your child was exposed to the virus, you’ll be getting a call from the Forest County Health Department.

The notice of cases within the district has sent a lot of families to seek medical care.

Dr. Susan Moore is the Medical Director for Ascension in the north region and the Forest County Health Department Medical Director.

“We are seeing a large number of parents presenting to the urgent care and emergency rooms for that treatment. It is overwhelming our urgent care and emergency rooms.  They cannot handle that volume on top of needing to take care these critically ill patients that are now starting to present at increasing rates,” said Dr. Moore.

Dr. Moore said majority of these cases can be handled with virtual visits.

She’s asking people that don’t have serious symptoms requiring urgent care to call your primary care provider to make an appointment for the virtual visit.

“If you don’t have connectivity at your home to do a virtual visit you can drive to the parking lot of our clinic and use that connectivity to have your appointment,” said Dr. Moore.

Dr. Moore and health officials across the state are urging people to take this virus seriously.

Wear a mask, wash your hands, follow social distance guidelines, and stay home as much as possible.