UW-Extension, OCEDC To Offer Mining Information, Forums, Prior To Vote

Aug 28, 2018

Stacey Johnson(l), Myles Alexander(r).
Credit WXPR

A joint effort involving Oneida County UW-Extension and Oneida County Economic Development Corporation will supply the public with information prior to a November 6 non-binding referendum vote regarding mining in the Town of Lynne.

The county board approved the advisory vote after a change in the state's mining laws made it easier for companies to mine.

Myles Alexander of UW-Extension and Stacey Johnson of Economic Development say they're gathering information from a variety of sources to place on a website and later at four public sessions across the county.

Johnson outlined the scope of their efforts...

"...metallic mining processes...potential impacts at the Lynne site...potential environmental impacts at the Lynne site...economic and community impacts assessments and planning...mine permitting process and the November non-binding referendum...."

Alexander details where the information they will be using will be coming from...

"....One of our primary information resources is Extension and University related. They include the Center for Watershed Science and Education,Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, UW-Extension Local Government Center and Center for Community and Economic Development, UW-Extension Lakes and the Center for Research on the Wisconsin Economy at the UW-Madison campus..."

Alexander says other contributors include the River Alliance of Wisconsin, Foth( and Van Dyke engineering, a legal firm, local business leaders and others including the DNR. Alexander says the goal is to provide a balance of perspectives within the presentation. Alexander says they will gather information, followed by three focus groups held in September. He says the focus groups will help refine the information presented.

Alexander says they will have a website with all the information gathered. The website will be up in September. In October, four open house forums will be held across the county.

More information is available through Oneida County UW-Extension and Oneida County Economic Development.